Cute Avocado Art Drawing Lesson


As always we will begin with the basic guidelines.


Draw the circle in the center for the pit of the avocado which will also act as the canvas for the face. Once that is done draw the beginning of the eyes, cheeks, and mouth.


Finish it up with drawing the rest of the face and draw the skin and flesh of the avocado followed by the arms and hands. Erase the mistakes and guides


Here you have it, the finished line art. Add some color and your done.

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February 24, 2023

Description: I wasn't going to upload another lesson, but I figured why not. I love avocados and I know they are one of the most popular fruits/veggies (whatever you prefer to call it), out there. So I figured lets make a tutorial of an avocado cutesie style that anyone can tackle and complete. Cutesie art has really been hitting the spot with me so I like to make renditions of some of my favorites. Have fun and don't forget to like, love, fav, share and whatever else you can do to share this adorable step by step drawing lesson.

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