Kawaii Mushroom Easy How to Draw Lesson


Are you ready? Good. For the first step just draw the guide shape and guidelines for the mushroom head which looks a lot like a stubby candy corn.


Define the shape of the mushroom head and draw the lining for underneath the mushroom cap.


Draw in the gills, and the spots then create the texture along the edge of the mushroom.


Here you will focus on drawing the kawaii mushroom body which can be done with one sitting. Stubby arms and legs with a cute little face.


Lastly, draw in the watering can, as well as the textured detailing on the body and watering can. Erase the mistakes (if any) and the visible guides.


Here you have what your finished drawing should end up looking like. Add some color and a fitting background.

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July 8, 2023

Description: Hello once again wonderful fellow artist. Today with my brief return I bring something incredibly cute and darling and that is an easy tutorial that will show you how to draw a kawaii mushroom. I decided to bring the concept to earth and create something that is suiting for mushrooms in general. As you can see this kawaii mushroom is in it's perfect environment surrounded by earth, the sun and a watering can. The coloring was lots of fun and was one of my favorite parts to creating this lesson. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy the Kawaii mushroom art. I look forward to seeing art from other artists, but before you go please like, love, fav, comment or SHARE this lesson if you absolutly can't stand the kawaii cuteness. ;-)

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