How to Draw an Enchantress Witch


Start off with the guidelines and shapes.


Here you will use the facial guidelines to draw out the profile of her face like you see here. Then draw in her hood and neck shape and some of the snakes body.


Go ahead and draw the snakes. When that is done you can add her eye and lashes, as well as the jewel on her forehead.


All you have to do for this last step is draw in the detailing to the snakes bodies, their tongues and then draw in her eye and the markings around the eye. Erase the mistakes and you are all done.


Here is what the line art looks like when you are done. Now all that is left to do is add some color.

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March 27, 2023

Description: Hey there folks. Welcome back to another lesson and today I will be showing you all how to draw an enchantress witch, step by step. This lesson is not your typical looking witch art, but it's pretty cool in my eyes. I think you guys will have fun with this lesson since its a little different from the cutesie stuff I have been uploading. Anyways, thanks for viewing and please remember to like, love, fav, comment and share. Until next time.

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