How to Draw a Menorah

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Make a simple straight vertical like like so.


Using the single line, draw the shaft of the menorah followed by the stand. Draw the molded lip or base for the center candle.


Here you will draw two identical arms that will sit at the sides of the center candle.


Again, make two more arms which are longer then the two you just drew.


Lastly, you will draw the remainder arms or branches for the menorah's completion. As you can see the last two branches are the largest of them all.


Lastly, draw seven candles as well as seven flames. You will erase the mistakes, then you're done.


Here is the menorah when you are all done. Color in this lamp stand a rich golden color.

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December 11, 2012

Description: So I know I have been making a lot of tutorials based on Christmas stuff, but not all people celebrate Christmas with a tree, or by celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Instead of a tree, here is "how to draw a menorah", step by step. The menorah is a seven lamp candle that is made of gold and has seven branches. Of course there are two types of menorahs that I know of, and the one you see here is a 'temple menorah'. The 'Hanukkah menorah' has a total of eight candles where as the temple menorah has seven. In the bible menorah's where used in portable style tent like structures which where set up and used by Moses. To like the lamps they would use a high grade olive oil, and this would keep the lamps lite for a full days service. Anyone who practices Judaism knows of the ancient history of the menorah that has been a symbol of the Jewish faith. The symbol is also used on Israel's Coat of Arms. Anyways, I hope this tutorial will be easy as you tackle the task of drawing a menorah for the holiday season. I shall return so stay tuned in. Happy Hanukkah to those of you that celebrate it.

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