How to Draw Candles

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This is going to be a very simple tutorial to learn from. The first thing you will do is draw a total of three cylinder shapes for the candle formation. The first being to the left is taller then them all. The one on the right is smaller and wider an   


In this next step you will first start sketching out the drips of wax that are falling down the sides of the candles. But first draw bubble like shapes to make the candles look real and melted like a natural burning candle would. After you draw the b   


Now in this last drawing step you will detail and define the candles by adding mor3e drip lines and make sure at the bottom of the drips you add a hint of a ball. The you will detail the tops of the candles and then draw the candle flame as shown. Cl   


Since there was no guidelines to erase all you have to do is color in your perfect looking candles. See that was pretty easy right? I hope you found this tutorial on how to draw candles helpful. I will be back in a bot with some more drawing fun so s   

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October 4, 2008

Description: Hey everyone in Drago Land I’m back with some more tutorials for the day. I figured I would reach out and do something different since I am always drawing cartoons, anime characters, guns, cars and so forth. Today with my first three tutorials I am going to switch it up big time and do something out of the ordinary. So right now you will be learning how to draw candles. Yes, candles I mean why not? Everyone loves them. They are pretty to look at, they relax the soul, they are sometimes very fragrant, and they have such a calming uniqueness to them. The typical candle is made from of course paraffin wax. Some times manufactures and even home candle makers will use a different kind of wax called bee wax. The bee wax has a honeycomb texture and style and burns much cleaner and longer. The only problem with this kind of candle wax is it’s very expensive. Another type of compound that is used for candle making is gel and soya. The candle has been a part of history since 3000 BC from the Romans who used beeswax. A candle is nothing more than a solid cylinder block with a wick embedded in the middle. They come in many different sizes and shapes as well. Candles are also made with different types of scents with the most popular being vanilla or French vanilla. During the holidays people will by pumpkin spice scent, cinnamon apple, evergreen, and peppermint. I love candles they always bring a since of peace when lit. Back in the day when electricity was not available, folks used to use candles to light their houses, stores, medical buildings, and churches. Using candles on a dinner table has become a very big custom that has been carried down from history. Churches have candles to light before and after you pray. The candle has become a common used product in almost every home around the world. This tutorial will teach you how to draw candles step by step. The instructions will help you draw these sometimes beautiful looking blocks of wax with ease. In the process of learning this tutorial you will also pick up the technique on how to draw a candle flame as well. So you really are learning two things with one lesson. I will be back in a bit so stick around folks.

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