How to Draw a Halloween Candle

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As with any first step, you will need to draw out the shape of the candle. When drawing burning candles the lining should have layers of wax down the stem. For longer candles the melted wax layers should be longer, and for shorter candles the wax sho   


You will draw in some of the drips of dried melted wax, then when you're done move to step three.


If you are going with leaves as your base, then you can start drawing out the actual outlining for each leaf in the back, and a couple in the front like so.


Draw in the rest of the leaves. As you can see they are also layered or stacked on top of one another. Once all the leaves are drawn in and the bottom of the candle is done, you can begin sketching all the definition and detailing to the leaves.


Lastly, draw the wick and flame. Erase the mistakes if you made any.


This is your finished piece. When you're done you can start thinking about the background if you want one at all, or you can start choosing the colors you want to use to add life to the drawing.

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October 24, 2017

Description: I haven't made a tutorial on a candle in a very long time and since candles are so fun to draw, I figured why not make a lesson on "how to draw a Halloween candle", step by step. The festive candle really gives a nice warmth because of the fall colors. The ambiance of the flame, along with the brown, yellow and red tones, makes this one fun drawing to create. I went with some fall leaves as the base for the candle, but you can choose to draw anything you wish as your Halloween candle base. You can even draw a pumpkin next to the candle to add a more Halloween type of feel. In any case have fun drawing a Halloween candle. I'm sure you'll find some use for the lesson. Peace out folks!

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