How to Draw a Meditation Goat

1 Basic Guidelines

Let's first begin with the basic guidelines for the goat meditating.

2 Head Shape

Then, we can work on the face shape. We always work from top to bottom to avoid pencil mark smears on your paper.

3 Facial Features

Then, go ahead and draw the facial features for the goat.

4 Neck and Horns

Let's then sketch the horns first and then his neck.

5 Torso and Arms

Then, go ahead and sketch his arms and shoulders/clothing. He will be wearing a red robe, so most of his body will be covered with clothes.

6 Lower Body and Legs

Then go ahead and draw his legs and hooves for his lower body.

7 Robe Detailing

Then, let's sketch the lower portion of the robe.

8 Finishing the Robe

Go ahead and sketch the rest of the robe!

9 Pentagram

Lastly, fill in the ground with a pentagram.

10 Line Arts

Once you're done drawing and you've proofed everything, you should have something similar to this! Pat yourself on the back!

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April 14, 2020

Description: Hey all. Welcome back once again to another fun lesson. Today we will be tackling this lesson on how to draw a meditation goat, step by step. I absolutely love the way this drawing concept came out and I know so many people will love it too. It is a bit challenging so be sure to be ready to take your time as you tackle drawing a meditation goat. This is a good lesson for all you folks out there that love to meditate.

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