How to Draw a Meditation Goat

Artist: Dawn / April 14, 2020

Step 1. Basic Guidelines

Let's first begin with the basic guidelines for the goat meditating.

Step 2. Head Shape

Then, we can work on the face shape. We always work from top to bottom to avoid pencil mark smears on your paper.

Step 3. Facial Features

Then, go ahead and draw the facial features for the goat.

Step 4. Neck and Horns

Let's then sketch the horns first and then his neck.

Step 5. Torso and Arms

Then, go ahead and sketch his arms and shoulders/clothing. He will be wearing a red robe, so most of his body will be covered with clothes.

Step 6. Lower Body and Legs

Then go ahead and draw his legs and hooves for his lower body.

Step 7. Robe Detailing

Then, let's sketch the lower portion of the robe.

Step 8. Finishing the Robe

Go ahead and sketch the rest of the robe!

Step 9. Pentagram

Lastly, fill in the ground with a pentagram.

Step 10. Line Arts

Once you're done drawing and you've proofed everything, you should have something similar to this! Pat yourself on the back!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 14, 2020
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Description: Hey all. Welcome back once again to another fun lesson. Today we will be tackling this lesson on how to draw a meditation goat, step by step. I absolutely love the way this drawing concept came out and I know so many people will love it too. It is a bit challenging so be sure to be ready to take your time as you tackle drawing a meditation goat. This is a good lesson for all you folks out there that love to meditate.