How to Draw a Peace Sloth

Artist: Dawn / April 11, 2020

Step 1.

We will begin like we always do and that is with some guidelines and shapes for the frame of the sloth.

Step 2.

Using the head guide draw the shape of the sloth's face.

Step 3.

Now you can draw the markings around the eyes and then draw in the eyes. Once that is done you can draw the nose and smile.

Step 4.

Draw the frame lining within the shape of the face and then draw the beginning part of the sloth's body.

Step 5.

Complete the body and draw the arms and hands. Once of the hands is raising the peace fingers and the other is clutching onto the branch. Draw the tail and then the toes too.

Step 6.

Now you can draw the tree branch and add some leaves and wood texture.

Step 7.

Lastly, draw in some trees that you would find in the rainforest and then draw in some weird looking leaves and thorns. Erase the mistakes and you're done.

Step 8.

That's it. I hope you had fun drawing this peace sloth, I know I did.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 11, 2020
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Description: Welp, I know you must have heard of the slang 'peace out'. Well, when you put those words with the picture of a sloth raising peace fingers, it can only mean one thing. The sloth is saying Peace before knocking out. I wanted to draw something fun that represents what a peaceful sloth would look like right before he was to go to sleep. So here is how to draw a peace sloth, step by step. Again, this lesson is going to be super simple and is going to be really fun to draw. So go ahead and enjoy, I will be back with another tut for you all.