How to Draw a Realistic Kitten, Cute Kitten


We shall begin with sketching our kitten in 3 easy steps. I apologize for the horrible lines, but I had a small problem with my tablet pen, and had to make them with my laptops touch pad , anyway, the lines you are about to draw here aren't important   


A pencil gives you more control doesn't it? Please not that I do not follow the steps in my tutorials in order to sketch , I have different methods , which are harder and necessitate more experience than most of you which are drawing this have at thi   


Now we're gonna get to the good stuff, starting with the eyes . Before you make the eyes of the kitten ,check out this minitutorial of a cat's eye. Since this is an advanced tutorial , I do not think it is necessary to explain what happens in each st   


You should practice eyes on a piece of paper before drawing them on your kitten, you want them to look perfect since the eyes are crucial in this drawing .Also make sure to use a sharp pencil all the time, preferably a mechanical pencil which you do    


Now we're going to make some guide lines for the hair, it is essential to know in which direction the hair is growing at all times, to make it look realistic it needs to have a certain flow, wavelike .


As we did with the eyes, we're gonna do with the fur. Here's minitutorial on fur.Three easy steps to drawing fur, you begin with a few lines, all have to go in about the same direction , next, where the first lines are, add more of them , lots more,    


As you can see I have started drawing the actual fur.NOTE-USE A VERY SHARP PENCIL WHEN WORKING AROUND THE EYES AS THE HAIR THERE IS SHORTER, THEREFORE MORE DETAIL IS REQUIRED. By using the easy steps from the minitutorial, you can get this effect as    


Now comes the nose and the hair around it. The hair above the nose and between the eyes is the shortest, use short lines.


The fur on the forehead should be much of a problem, don't use a sharp pencil , you don't need detail there, only focus on the eyes and the area around it.


Remember I made this in I don't know how many hours, it should take most of you a lot more, don't rush if you want it to look good, the more time you spend on it the better it will look in the end. The white hair in the ears can be obtained using a s   


Unlike in other drawings, where I do the background last, this time I chose not to, because if you do it last it will look like the kitten is cropped , the background and the blurry fur have to mix together so that you cannot determine where the hair   


Same thing as before .


The background on the left side is done.


Use a sharp eraser to make the whiskers .


Make the paw a bit blurry, to do so, use a dull pencil , qtip, eraser for the white parts, then qtip again.


Now, the right side is almost identical to the left one, so there's really no point into making more steps, just do what you did on the right side.


After making the background above the head and a bit of light and contrast editing you should have something like this. For those who don't know , I edit the contrast and light my drawings because my scanner makes them look a lot brighter , this is h   

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February 23, 2013

Description: Hello people of Dragoart ! It's been a long time since my last submission and I apologize , but since I'm in college I have less time for myself.I hope this tutorial will make it up for my absence , I've worked long hours and the result was pleasing. I really hope you'll enjoy this ,otherwise my efforts will be in vain , so have fun ^_^ !

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