How to draw a chibi cat being grabed

Artist: FlameBlossom / April 6, 2013

Step 1.

Okay First draw two circles. One alittle larger than the other. Be sure to leave some space between them

Step 2.

Now draw a curved line that conects the circles together. And draw the paws hanging from the cat under the first circle

Step 3.

Now draw the back foot on the last circle at a slight tilt. Then draw the ears.

Step 4.

Now draw the hair to the side. If wanted. Now you connect the circles under them with a small curved line

Step 5.

Now draw the hair along the back curve so it looks like you would pick up the cat so the fur and skin will rise some. and also do your tail. It doesnt have to be fluffy it can be thin if wanted

Step 6.

Now draw the ear hair, the face, and the side hair, Mine goes up. (The side hair) So you can do yours down or up. And normaly the cat wouldnt be to happy so maybe give it an anoyed expression

Step 7.

Now erase all of the extra lines and you should get something close to this.

Step 8.

Now color to your oc cat or how you want and enjoy!

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Artist: FlameBlossom
Date Added: April 6, 2013
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Description: Uh well its my first one i have made on here and its my cat ivory... She will be used alot... But uh.. I hope it helped out some... If any...?