How to Draw a Lotus, Water Lily

Artist: Dawn / September 29, 2008

Step 1.

Lets start this first step shall we? First draw a nice big circle for the outline of the lotus. Next begin drawing the petal lines starting from the bottom and work your way up.

Step 2.

Now here you will draw a semi arched line on both sides of the blossom which will be the pad or leaf that the lotus sits on. Next start shaping out the lines for the petals of the lotus or water lily. The lining should look like strands of single pie   

Step 3.

As you can see your lotus is coming out nicely so far. The first thing you will do in this step is what? That's right finish shaping out the lotus petals as shown. When you are done with drawing out each individual petal you will then detail the leaf   

Step 4.

Now this is the last drawing step and because of that you will start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your work. You will then detail and define the remaining petals as shown and then detail the pad or leaf    

Step 5.

When your drawing is complete your lotus should come out looking like the one you see here. Now you are ready to color in your beautiful flower either a dark pink or leave it white. You have just finished this tutorial on how to draw a lotus flower o   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 29, 2008
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Description: Another hour has gone by which means another tutorial will be added to the DragoArt tutorial collection. This time for my third tutorial I will teach you how to draw a lotus flower or water lily. The lotus is a very interesting flower that has many beautiful qualities that make them unique. First off the lotus is a plant that grows and thrives in the water. The typical environment for the lotus is usually in a pond or swamp, basically where ever there is shallow water. This flower is also known as the water lily, the very same flower that produces those big round green leaf pads that are made famous from frogs. The leaves are very broad, they have a rich green color and they float. The petals of the lotus are very vivid and they have a very fragrant smell to them, almost like a perfume. There are two typical types of lotus; the dark pink or โ€œredโ€, and the very white lotus flower. The beautiful unique shaped petals overlap each other in a very symmetrical way leaving the lily an intriguing plant to look at. There is a certain peaceful feeling that comes with the lotus, they have a very angelic beauty leaving them a prized possession for any gardener to try and breed. The lotus is not only a symbol of beauty; it also has mythical links to it as well. The lotus is a sacred flower in India and with it comes religious mythology that is intertwined with its existence. In India the lotus symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and lastly enlightenment. The idol Maha Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth who sits on a very large blossomed lotus. It is believed that she brings prosperity, purity, chastity and generosity. The meaning of her sitting on the lotus symbolizes beauty, grace, and charm. Because the lotus is such a religious and hopeful flower, in India it is the Indian National Flower. This tutorial will show you how to draw a lotus or water lily step by step. I know you will love drawing this beautiful flower because it truly is a unique specimen of the plant family. I will be back with two more tutorials, the last two I saved because they are awesome. I mean naturally youโ€™re supposed to save the best for last right?