How to Draw Billy

Artist: Dawn / June 13, 2008

Step 1.

Just like Mandy this is going to be another easy tutorial. Start by drawing the shape of a big egg. Then draw facial guidelines as shown. Next draw a line coming straight from the top of the head on a slant towards the left. Next draw out the shape o   

Step 2.

Now what your going to do first in this step is draw out his banana shaped lip for his hat and than a small rounded line for the hat itself along with a small dorito shaped top. Next give him a set of colored in oval eyes and a big open smile with a    

Step 3.

Now its time to draw out Billy's big basketball looking nose or should I say balloon looking. After that draw his top lip and his eyebrows. Put a circle in his ear and draw his tongue as well. Give him some stripes on his shirt and a design on the he   

Step 4.

And there you have it, your very own Billy from the crazy animated show. Just pick up some crayons, markers, or even paint to color this goof ball of a kid in. That was super easy huh. Well I am off to bed and I will see you all later on tonight. I h   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 13, 2008
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Description: Hello, and welcome to Today we will be learning a fascinating, and wicked fun tutorial on a character from one of Cartoon Networks funniest series. I will teach you "how to draw Billy" from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. This tutorial will give you easy to learn step by step instructions on how to draw this character. I haven’t seen any places that show you how to draw this mentally retarded cartoon character so I decided to make one for the kids. Anyways, I will start off with a brief description of the character. First off, Richard Horvitz is the voice talent of Billy. Billy is a happy hunky-dory child who has an IQ of an infant. His stated IQ is way below average of a mentally retarded human being. So basically, Billy is a retard plus a moron, plus an idiot, and a retard again. So, abnormally, Billy has a large pink nose, a red hat, wears a blue and white t-shirt. This retarded cartoon character has ridiculous hobbies like nose picking, sitting down doing nothing, making pointless remarks, and having male chauvinism. He has hyperactive extremities, and his moods randomly change. Mostly he has fits of rage and wrath for ridiculous reasons. He is always and usually the cause for problems and trouble. Billy tends to break a lot of valuable and supernatural things. Like for instance, in one episode Billy stole Grim’s Scythe and broke it. Grim was then punished in his world called hell. This troublesome character also has phobias. These include Arachnophobia, Entomophobia, and Coulrophobia. Billy has a huge fear of insects and spiders. He has a spider named Jeff that he completely despises and hates. I don’t understand why he has a pet spider if he hates bugs so much. So anyways I started drawing this character out by using my Wacom Intuos3 tablet and used the computer art program called Adobe Photoshop CS. It took me about an hour to draw and color him. To make the tutorial it took at least another ten minutes. I hope this tutorial becomes of great use to your needs. I made this tutorial as easy to follow as possible. So thanks for coming to my tutorial at!