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How to draw a little fox

Artist: Teodora / June 8, 2012
How to draw a little fox

Step 1.

Make two circles - one for the head and one for the back leg.

Step 2.

Start whit the head. Mind that she is licking her leg (dont make the tongue to long).

Step 3.

Add some details for better look.

Step 4.

Now draw the front leg and the back.

Step 5.

Continue whit the rest of the boddy. Make some fur on the tummy.

Step 6.

Finally the tail. It has to be big and fluffy. Don't forget the line between the orange and the white. Whit it there's no doubt that it is a fox :).

Step 7.

If you want to color it, mind that the tummy, some of the muzzle and (ofcours)the top of the tail are white :)

Comments (3)
Sanswowie · 3 years ago
Thanks for making this tut!! Imma make a tut based off this tutorial.
Foxy4TNT · 4 years ago
Foxy4TNT · 4 years ago
:jawdrop: EPIC :jawdrop: it turned out so well :yay:
Artist: Teodora
Date Added: June 8, 2012
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Description: The coloring isn't the best, but im a novice :P