How to Draw Amy Rose Cat, Amy Rose Kitty

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Draw a large circle for her head and then sketch in the facial guidelines. You will then draw the small shaped body and move along to step two.


Next, thicken the shape you drew in step one to create the structure of the kitty's face, and then you can draw in three thick chunks of hair for her bangs. Add the headband and ear before you leave.


There is only three things you will work on here. First, draw in the other ear shaped like a triangle, and then finish drawing her hair. Add some inner ear detailing and move on once again.


Okay guys, draw the thick, bold shaped of her eyes like so using the facial guidelines you added in step one, and then draw the eyeballs and lashes. Move down a bit so we can tackle the muzzle, now draw another shape that you will draw the nose and m   


The next step we will tackle is getting her feline body drawn out. Start with the chest fur and then from there draw the two small stump shaped legs. Add some toe lines before leaving step five.


Draw the arch of her back, and then draw in the cats tail. Lastly, draw the back leg and add some toe lines for her paw. Clean up the drawing freeing it from guides and mistakes.


Now that you are done you can have the joy of coloring in your new version of Amy Rose in the form of a cat.

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December 21, 2011

Description: All day today I was getting bombarded with requests to please post the tutorial I made on another popular Sonic the Hedgehog figure. Here is "how to draw Amy Rose kitty", step by step and I know you will love this one. I somehow managed to keep the facial expression of this recreation of Amy Rose in kitty form. The hair, headband, and even expression on the cat’s face screams Amy Rose. I had so much fun drawing my version of what Amy would look like if she was somehow transformed into a cat. Sometimes I think cats are one of the cutest animals around and I can’t wait until you guys tackle this lesson on drawing Amy Rose kitty. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment and or rating. Peace out homies and enjoy!

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