How to Draw a Left 4 Dead Boomer, Left 4 Dead Boomer

Artist: Dawn / July 5, 2011

Step 1.

Boomer is a big fat zombie, so this means you will be drawing out some very round shapes for the mannequin. Start with a slightly oval shape for the head, and then draw a huge round circle for the body which is also going to be for the bloated belly.   

Step 2.

You will start sketching out the head and notice how there is blubber layers starting near the cheek, moving down the neck. The ear needs to be drawn in as well. Boomer has folds, and creases.

Step 3.

Now that the initial shape and lining of Boomer's head is all drawn in, you can start sketching out the swollen left eye, and closed right eye. Draw out the bangs for his hair line, and be sure to use a jagged stroke for the tips of the bangs. When t   

Step 4.

Eww, as you can see drawing Boomer starts to get nasty because now you will be drawing out all the nasty growths that are bubbling out from under the chin and neck. I would recommend starting to the right of the pus filled growth because it's the lar   

Step 5.

Okay guys, as you know Boomer has a tight fitting shirt on which is going to be stretched and ripped from Boomer's body bloating to maximum capacity. Start by sketching out the shoulders and sleeves like so. When drawing out the shoulders you have to   

Step 6.

Just looking at this thing is getting me sick. If I had a weak stomach I probably would have thrown up by now. Okay, forget all that nonsense and lets get busy. You will now sketch out the fat bubbling arms and hands. He is deformed in every way poss   

Step 7.

OMG, are you looking at this? This is definitely a character that is a mess. Before you start drawing in those bile sacks, you will need to sketch in the detailing on the arms which is a series of bumps, lumps and even warts. When that is done draw a   

Step 8.

Hold it down guys cause you are almost done. All you have to do here is sketch out the bottom half of Boomer's body. This is the back end, and legs, The lining should be uneven, wrinkled, and creased. Make sure that you draw out the legs in a very de   

Step 9.

You can now finish off the character by drawing out the extra layer of stomach which I like to call an egg, and then draw out the fuggly looking feet that almost look like a pair of oversized socks. Add some elastic detailing to the waist, and begin    

Step 10.

Here is what Boomer looks like when you are all done. I know he was hard work, but it was worth it in the end if you are a fan of Left 4 Dead.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I had no idea that submitting characters from Left 4 Dead would be so popular with a lot of the members on the site. Today I am going to show you "how to draw a Left 4 Dead Boomer", step by step. The Boomer has got to be one of the ugliest and grossest creatures in the game. Its big fat stomach and enormous double chin puts this zombie on my top ten list of all time disgusting figures from a game ever. Now even though Boomers are ugly and pretty scary looking, they are not as dangerous as a Hunter or Witch. I say this because all these guys do is throw up some nasty bile that comes out in the form of vomit. If the vomit gets in your characters face, you will be temporarily blinded for a while, or have some serious blurred vision. If you are low on health, then you have a real problem because now you are considered weak, and whatever spews on you will most likely kill you. Another way to get puke on you from this fat, bloated cesspool of infection and pus, is if you shoot Boomer when he is close to you. Make sure you push him always before pumping lead into his body because if you donโ€™t, he will just explode and all that nasty mucus and whatever else is inside the infected Boomer, will squirt all over you. Anyways, you will be entertained as you learn "how to draw a Left 4 Dead Boomer" because even though itโ€™s a disgusting zombie, he is still fun to recreate.