How to Draw a Left 4 Dead Smoker, Left 4 Dead Smoker


Let's get started on this character shall we? Make the head shape which is sort of oval. You will then draw the hip shape which is pointed like a crayon or pencil. Add the arm limb lines and move along.


As you can see the head and face look extremely bubbly or appear to be growing huge massive lumps. This is the shape and lining you will have to recreate in this step and if I were you, I would probably start on the left side.


Now that the nasty structure of the face is all sketched out, you can begin filling in the face by drawing out all the lumps that are clustered together in the center, and then there is a bunch of smaller lumps that have to be drawn in scattered arou   


Now even Smoker has hair. The first thing you want to do is draw out the hair line which is parted or flowing to the left. The bangs should be in pointed chunks. Next, draw out the nasty mouth which is open wide enough for the long grappling tongue t   


Starting at the side of the right part of his head, begin drawing out the hunched up shoulder. Continue to draw out the short sleeve and then work on getting the left shoulder and sleeve drawn out as well. You will finish this step by completing the    


This is probably the easiest step. Start at the base of each sleeve, and then begin drawing out the arms. Smoker's arms are full of bumps, lumps, and hills. This is due to the Infection throughout the body. Draw in the hands like so, and move to step   


Draw the waist and then sketch out the legs which are in a pretty decent pose. As you can see Smoker decided to wear a pair of straight leg jeans before he became an infected. Sketch in the belt loops and belt, and then draw a zipper.


For the last step all you need to do is draw out his shoes and then add the lining for the soles. Detail the shoes at the top, and then draw in the inner seams on his jeans. Don't forget to detail the arms, shirt, and the ends of the shirt. Clean up    


Here is what the Smoker looks like when you are all done. Now you have another character to add to the Left 4 Dead collection. I hope you had fun, and like always come back for another fun filled tutorial.

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July 5, 2011

Description: Okay guys, this is the second coolest infected character in the video game series, Left 4 Dead, and it is the Smoker. The Smoker can be annoying when you hear him coughing his brains out far off in the distance, but you can look past that because he’s actually pretty awesome to be, and he is also funny when playing multi-player mode. He’s just plain cool even though he looks like a mini version of Boomer with the pus sacks on the neck and chin. But aside from all that, he is not as awesome as the Hunter. The cons about being a Smoker in versus mode, is that he dies way too easily. Also another downside about being the Boomer in versus mode, the Boomer dies after getting hit with one with bullet by a HANDGUN. The annoying thing about a Smoker in single player mode is that it wraps its tongue around you and drags you towards him. Sometimes when it’s dragging you, the team mates are off doing something else while you are getting pounded by this cigarette smoking maniac. Not really, but just saying due to its name. This tongue wrapping feature is however useful during versus mode. You can wrap one person and some Hunter could get another and the Tank could pound on the third person. That leads to one person on his own getting killed by a Boomer, which will die in one shot and hopefully the fourth survivor could save his/her team mate. Nonetheless he is going to be a pretty cool figure to draw, and the best part is, he isn’t going to be nearly as hard to tackle as the other Left 4 Dead characters from the game. Well, that’s it for today with the zombie monsters from, L4D I will be back soon with more drawing fun real soon.

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