How to Draw Zoey, Left 4 Dead, Zoey


Zoey will be drawn in a side profile, so you will be starting with a circle for the head, and then draw out the shapes of her torso, and hips. Sketch in the facial guides, and then her neck.


Begin sketching out the shape of her face, and then draw in her hair which is basically her bangs falling softly on the sides of her face and forehead like so.


You will draw out her eyes completely starting with her nicely shaped eyebrows. Next, draw out her eyes, and then color in her pupils. Sketch out her nose, and sketch out her lips or mouth.


Finish sketching out her hairstyle and as you know it is pulled back on the sides in a ponytail. She has very pretty long hair, but because she fights monsters all day long, it is real dingy looking. Cap the ends of her hair with pointed tips like so   


Draw her shirt collar, and then draw out her the outline of her jacket which should be pretty simple to do. When you are done, you can move to step six.


Almost done guys, just keep on going. The only thing that needs to be done is getting her arm and or jacket sleeve sketched out. The cuff should be tight to the wrist, and then draw out the rest of the jacket around the waist. Be sure to add those wr   


Well, now you can sketch out her left hand which is grabbing the butt of the gun, and then sketch out her firearm which appears to be a shotgun. I know she almost always uses a sniper rifle, I just wanted to do something different. Draw out her other   


Sketch out her shirt that is peeking through the jacket and it is also tucked in her pants. Draw out the waist line and then draw in her belt, and belt loops. Sketch out her lower body which should also be her butt and legs. Be sure to add detailing    


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw out her wrinkles on the jacket, and then draw in her back pockets on her jeans. Lastly sketch in the seams along the side of her legs and then add some folds on the upper part of her leg. Erase the   


Here is Zoey when you are all done. You have to color her in to perfection now that you are all done with this drawing. Now you can either come back tomorrow or stick around to try something new.

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July 8, 2011

Description: Left 4 Dead is a video game that I think I explained many times before with all the lessons I’ve submitted on some of the special infected characters like Boomer, Tank, the Witch, and even Smoker and Spitter. This tutorial is going to be on "how to draw Zoey", step by step. She is a survivor, and she is the only female on her team of four. The other characters that she teams up with are only in part one as is she, but they do make appearances in part two. Before she became a chic with a gun, she was actually a student at Aldrich. She was studying to become a filmmaker, but instead of making or studying about films, she watched them instead. Her favorite genre was horror flicks that contained zombies, killers, thieves, and all sorts of gory stuff. She is one of the cooler characters in Left 4 Dead which means she is also going to be great fun to replicate. The tutorial I made should be pretty simple to follow. Someone actually requested that I make a lesson on "how to draw Zoey a while back. Since I have been uploading monsters from the game series, I figured it was high time that I went ahead and make the character that a few people wanted. I guess that’s it guys. I know all you Left 4 Dead fans will have fun with this submission. That’s it for me for today, I will be back tomorrow with more drawing fun, peace people!

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