How to Draw a Left 4 Dead Tank, Left 4 Dead Tank


I thought Boomer was bad, but this guy is also pretty nasty as well. Since Tank is pretty big from the torso down, his head is going to seem shrunken. That's why the first thing you have to do is draw a small round shape for the head, and then make a   


Begin sketching out the structure of the head and or face, and then be sure to draw in his greasy hair. The lining you see on the forehead should be drawn to look messy. Make the messed up lining for the top part of the mouth before leaving this step   


Even though I put this character under advanced, the face is pretty easy to draw. The Tank has a skeletal or skull like face which means all you have to do is draw in two eyes that are hollow and big.Color them in, and then sketch out the brows, nose   


Draw in the razor sharp top row of teeth that are very prominent and bulging. Once that is done, draw in his nasty tongue, and also add more detailing and definition to his face around the forehead, and cheeks.


Now here's where you will be drawing out all that muscle that is bulging, and in layers. The best way to tackle this step is to start at the shoulders or on the sides of his face. Make two humps for the oversized upper body and then add the layers of   


Here you will continue to sketch out the large massive arms and then the forearms. The Tank is all muscle and his arms are one of the most recognizable parts of his body because he uses his hands to walk. When the arms are drawn, you can sketch out h   


Here is where you will begin drawing out the rest of the arms which is basically the wrists and hands. Notice how the wrists seem to twist a bit as they come down to the hand. The hands are flat and wide like a foot which means you will need to draw    


Now that the hard part is over, you can now begin drawing out the lower half of the body starting at the hips. Draw in the top of his pants which is also the belt line. Draw out the legs and be sure to draw in the chunks of flesh from the thigh, and    


Draw in the shoes and feet, and then draw in the inner seam line for the pants. Sketch the wrinkles or creases on the knee cap. Erase all the guides and lines that you drew in step one.


Here is what Tank looks like when you are all done. Now you can color him in to make him look even more disgusting. I hope you liked learning how to draw a Left 4 Dead Tank.

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July 5, 2011

Description: I have two more lessons coming your way and yes they will be on more characters from the Left 4 Dead series. To start, I will be showing you "how to draw a Left 4 Dead Tank", step by step. The tank is a powerful infected in the popular Xbox 360 video game, Left 4 Dead. Every time I hear the Tank’s theme song and ground shake, there is always that haunting moaning sound that almost sounds like the hulk. I always feel helpless with my M16 rifle because you know that you are in some serious dodo. What annoys me the most is when I’m cornered and the thing smacks you to the other side of the building. The tank not only smacks you, but he also lifts rocks below his feet and throws it at you. It does not take much damage off your character as it does when he punches, but it can be critical when hit. The most effective way to kill the Tank is to throw a Molotov at it (which is also known as a cocktail), and start shooting it with the sniper rifle. The sniper rifle is also very effective against the Witch, who is, as you know, another dangerous infected. Also keep in mind, when you are out of ammo, just keep shooting it with your secondary weapon – the handgun. That is why you need to always grab an extra handgun in the game; you can use it during emergencies like dealing with the Tank. Anyway, the tank may be powerful, but not as powerful as the Witch. Even though I shoot the Witch for fun and then find myself on the ground watching her ripping my guts out making me cry and hitting myself in the head for being an idiot. “Who’s laughing now?” the Witch once said to me. Well, I guess that’s it for now. I hope I provided some helpful information as to how to deal with the very character you are about to draw. Have fun drawing the Tank from Left 4 Dead, and remember to stay tuned in to see what else I have for you today!

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