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How to Draw a Koi Fish

Artist: Dawn / June 22, 2008
How to Draw a Koi Fish

Step 1.

Lest start this first easy step with some basic shapes. Start with a round circle for its head and then a long oblong shape for the body of the Koi. Next draw out a big triangle for the tail fin. On the face make a small dot for the eye and all the g   

Step 2.

Now as you see here you will start to draw in the shape of the Koi fishes face. Now their face resembles that of a cat fish so you have to sketch in the two whiskers. Now using the guidelines you drew coming from the body draw in the fins three on th   

Step 3.

now what you will do is detail the fins with a few scratching sketch lines on all five fins. After that sketch in some detailing lines on the body and draw the shape of the side of the Koi's face which is round. After you do all of these tasks you ca   

Step 4.

For this last step all you need to do is draw in the different markings on the body. Of course you can draw any pattern you want that all depends on your preference. Now you are ready to erase all the guidelines and shapes you drew in step one.

Step 5.

This is what your Koi fish should look like when you are totally done. You can color it any red, orange, white coloration you want. That will end this tutorial on how to draw a Japaneses Koi fish step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 22, 2008
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Description: Today at DragoArt.com we will learn "how to draw a Koi, step by step". This type of Koi is called the Kohaku specie. It is skinned white and has red patterns scattered intricately over their body. Koi fishes were normally called carp that live in the lakes and ponds of Japan. The Koi breed began in the 18th century in Japan. Farmers seen that some of the ordinary carp were brightly colored then usual while they were harvesting rice fields. They took the brightly colored carps and captured them and raised them. Soon they started coming out in different arrangements in the 20th century. Koi fishes live in cold water ponds. Some people take these fish and put them in intimidated lakes and ponds that specially made for these types of fish. To keep these fish alive they must be feed numerous proteins and other nutrients. If Koi fishes are taken care of properly they could live up to thirty to forty years. Some of these fish were reported to live as longs as two hundred years! That surprises me because it reminds me of a turtle. I can’t get over the fact that giant tortoises could live up to two hundred years. Over the years the Koi have been imported to other countries. They live in almost every continent except for Antarctica. This continent is way too cold for them to live in. I remember when I seen my first Koi at the pet store. It was so pretty and colorful. You can purchase a high quality and healthy Koi at specialty pet shops. I have seen my cousins and uncles that have small imitated ponds with the most beautiful Koi fishes you have ever seen. My favorite fish of these species is the Kohaku one, the bright red and white kind. This is my favorite because white and red are the perfect and pretty color combination. Also red, orange and white are a good combination too! Anyway, I drew this fish out of inspiration of my cousin’s Koi Charley. Every time she feeds it, it swims to her hand and literally eats from it, that and the fact that it was a requested tutorial as well. This image took me about an hour to draw freehandedly and another thirty minutes to color it. I hope you learn a lot from this awesome tutorial on "how to draw a Koi fish step by step". You can also try How to draw fish