How to Draw a Koi

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Firstly, start off with the basic guidelines for the koi fish. This is always essential for creating accurate work. Once you've completed the guides, move onto the next step.


Next, let's work on the details for the shape of the body. Start with the head first before you move onto other details.


Then, we must start shaping up the inner details of the face! Start with the eye first and then the fins. Once you've done that, finish off with the back fin and the tail fin.


Next, detail the fins with swift curved lines. Separate only the areas that are curved outwards as edges.


Then, simply take your time and sketch in the waves. You can possibly style your own type of waves if desired. I would recommend having the waves curl outwards a few inches from the parent wave.


Take your time and sketch in scales. Don't rush when drawing the scales since it can get difficult and sloppy.


Here is the basic line art of what you should end up with. If you're not satisfied with what you've drawn, keep practicing until you get it right! Thanks for viewing this tutorial folks!

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September 22, 2010

Description: So how about a lesson that features a popular Asian icon? This lesson was drawn completely during one of my LiveStream broadcasts as of September 21st. The colors were inspired from a tattoo I seen on the web which was so interesting. In this helpful lesson, you'll be learning “how to draw a koi”, step by step. These type of fish are almost always featured in tattoo art, or typical traditional Asian artwork. I've gotten a few tutorials for this fish, but none of them are as well detailed as this one. I'd like to show you the gateway to “drawing a koi fish”, through a simple step-by-step format. It takes time and practice to draw these fish in a desirable appearance. Adding sharp waves and curves, lotus flowers, or even other fish will spruce up your drawing of a koi fish. Anyways folks, it's time for me to move on with drawing other lessons. I was really eager to submit this one so enjoy! Thanks so much for viewing.

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