How to Draw a Heart With a Sword

Artist: Dawn / April 21, 2010

Step 1.

Draw a circle for the heart, and then draw the vertical line in the middle of the shape that is slightly curved. Next, draw a tilted straight line that will be for the sword.

Step 2.

Now using the shape you drew in step one, draw out the plump looking heart shape. Take your time when drawing the heart because sometimes, it can get a bit frustrating when trying to draw a perfect heart.

Step 3.

I've also included a banner with this heart so that when you are done, you can include some scripture saying whatever you wish. Once that banner is drawn out, you can then draw the beginning part of the sword.

Step 4.

You can now draw out the bottom of the sword like you see here, and then draw in some detailing for the swords design up above. When that is done, sketch in some torn tissue at the bottom of the heart. Next and lastly, draw some dripping blood.

Step 5.

It's time to sketch out the hand guard. You can choose to make a design for this piece of golden brass. Once that is done you can add some detailing to the swords tip, and then draw more spills of blood. Sketch in some detailing for the banner, and t   

Step 6.

For your last drawing step, I want you to now draw the end end of the banner which looks like a fish tail, and then draw out the rest of the swords handle. I decided to use a swirl, bold design that is molded into the handle. It's now time to erase t   

Step 7.

This is how your drawing looks when you are done. See how pretty and wonderful it is to draw a heart with a sword! Color it in and write something on the banner.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 21, 2010
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Description: This is going to be my second installment for another heart design that I worked on last night for a drawing tutorial lesson. Everyday I get at least one request for some sort of heart concept that people are looking for because they want to expand their drawing skills. I love the way that this heart came out because it is so pretty, and powerful looking. I'm going to show you "how to draw a heart with a sword", step by step. Hearts and swords go together so well for some reason, just as hearts and arrows do. I think the combination of the two is supposed to stand for love and hate, love hurts, or pierced my heart. All three expressions mean something different, but they are also the same. It took me longer to draw out the heart and sword, because the coloring for the sword was very time consuming because of all the detailing to make the sword look like steel. The ripping tear at the bottom of the heart where the sword exited from, is also very classic. This is just to convey how much loving somebody can hurt, or how much an individual can hurt, period. I think you will enjoy this lesson because learning "how to draw a heart with a sword" is always a fun concept to explore. I will be back in a few so sty tuned. I have some really cool stuff I can't wait to upload still. Peace people, and remember to have a happy drawing day!