How to Draw a Heart With a Arrow

Artist: Dawn / April 21, 2010

Step 1.

Start with an egg shape for the form of your would be heart. Once that is done add a vertical line in the middle, and then a slanted line on the right and left side of the shape.

Step 2.

Now, using the middle vertical line as a guide, start drawing your heart from the middle about 1/3 of the way down the vertical line. If you do this properly, you will end up with a perfect heart shape.

Step 3.

Now it's time to draw the stem of the arrow as you see here. This should come out looking like a rod piercing through the heart. To emphasis the piercing, draw a dimple on the hearts surface, and darken the lining at the base of the rod.

Step 4.

All you have to do now is draw in the feathers at the top of the arrow, and then draw the triangular arrow tip. Add some detailing top the tip, and then erase the guidelines and shapes you drew in step one.

Step 5.

Here you have the very nice, and neat completed drawing of a heart with an arrow. Color it in, detail, or add some extras if you want. Great work!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 21, 2010
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Description: How long has it been since I submitted some cool heart tattoo drawings? I know, I was thinking the same thing, β€œtoo long”. Anyway, as you know, I occasionally browse through random categories to see what stuff I have, and what things I don't have. This time, my snooping landed me in the tattoo section, and it was there that I realized, I had no lesson on β€œhow to draw a heart with a arrow”, step by step. So, in light of my findings, that is what I will show you how to draw today. The design of a heart comes in many different concepts, but one of the most popular is a heart with a sword. This tattoo design has probably been inked on so many bodies it's not even funny. I know that when I was in school, I always used to draw hearts on my book covers and a lot of those hearts had swords or arrows pierced through them. The fun thing about this lesson, I sketch a puncture wound in the middle of the heart where the arrow goes in from. This way here, it looks kind of real, but dreamy at the same time. For those of you that requested for me to do more drawings on hearts, here is another concept to add to your sketchbook, β€œhow to draw a heart with a arrow”. I do hope you have fun with it. Remember to always add your own personal touches to make your drawing unique. Peace out once again my peeps!