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How to Draw a Heart with a Rose

Artist: Dawn / October 26, 2009
How to Draw a Heart with a Rose

Step 1.

Drawing a heart and roses is really easy to do if you are following a good tutorial lesson. Start with a simple drawing of a heart and then add two circles on each corner of the hearts arches.

Step 2.

Okay, you will now draw two smaller circle shapes inside of the larger shapes that you drew in step one. This will be for the guidelines for the roses. You will then attach two stem lines as you see here.

Step 3.

For step three, you can start sketching out the shape and design of the roses as you see here. This will take some time to draw because roses are often complex to mimic in art. Once you drawn your bloomed rose buds, you can move to step four.

Step 4.

What you will need to do first in this step is sketch out the rest of the roses as you see them here and be sure to draw the little wilted leaves under the rose blooms. Next sketch out the shape of the stems and then draw in the thorns as you see her   

Step 5.

Thicken the lining for your heat, and then add more rose thorns as you see here. Start erasing all of the guidelines that you drew in step one to clean up your sketch.

Step 6.

This lesson on "how to draw a heart with a rose" is all done. All you need to do now is color in your drawing and give it to someone you love, r bring it to a tattoo parlor to be inked. Hope you had fun guys, I will be back later.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 26, 2009
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Tags: how to draw a rose, draw roses, how to draw a flower, draw flowers, draw hearts, how to draw a heart
Description: That first tutorial I submitted was fun to draw, and now I will be submitting yet another lesson on a tattoo design. I will show you “how to draw a heart with a rose”. I drew this sketch out live yesterday, and now that I look at it again, I can see that I did a good job. Drawing hearts is always fun and I think I must have been drawing perfect hearts since I was in middle school. Heart drawing is something that both children, young teens, and adults love doing. The heart and roses design is always a tattoo favorite for people that are looking to get a heart inked on their body with a rose either wrapping around the heart, under or on top of the heart, and even like I have it, crisscrossing the heart. Yesterday I drew a broken heart and that also came out pretty cool. Tattoos and hearts is two things that go together well. If you were to Google the phrase “tattoo heart designs” you will get a results page that goes back at least twenty or more pages, and images galore. I love drawing tattoo art because it lets me be real creative with my drawings. I think I will start submitting some more cool tattoo designs because let's face it, almost everybody here loves tattoo art, and tattoo art tutorials are always fun to follow and learn from. I think you will have fun learning “how to draw a heart with roses step by step”. There is much more tutorials coming your way so try and stay tuned in to see what pops up next. Peace out people and happy drawing!