How to Draw Tattoo Art Sword, Snake, Skull

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Okay start this first step by drawing out the slanted vertical line for the blade of the sword. Next, you will teach yourself how to draw a coiled snake body guideline as shown to you here. Add a circle at the tip of the snake’s body lines for the    


Welcome to step two. What you will be doing here is thickening out the shape of the snake's body by drawing a parallel line to the original one you drew in step one. Next continue to draw out the shape and design of the skulls jaw as well as the nose   


Here on step three you will start sketching out the flame lines that will be burning under the handle of the sword. Finish off drawing out the shape of the snakes body and then draw out the shape of the skulls head as seen here. Draw fangs on the sku   


You have reached your forth step and all you have to do now is draw out the scaled belly of the snakes body. Make sure that the under belly of the body looks a bit lumpy. Detail the skull a bit by sketching in a slithering snake tongue and add more f   


The first thing I want you to do here is draw out the flared neck or "hood" of the body of a cobra snake. Once that is done draw the handle of the sword and then finish drawing out the rest of the flames around the handle and hand guard. The last thi   


This is the last drawing step and all you have to do here is first erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and then detail and define the skulls head shape and then the cross lines on the skin of the snakes body. When you are fi   


Once you are done with your complex sketch design of how to draw tattoo art sword, skull and snake step by step. Pick some colors and then shade in your drawing. I hope you guys had fun with this tutorial, I will be back soon with more.

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April 18, 2009

Description: Tattoo art is something that is drawn with a lot of patience and thought. To come up with a unique design concept really isn’t all that easy. Over the years tattoo parlors have become more advanced with inking and with art concepts. I have been really getting into coming up with new ideas to make different characters, people, creatures, and animals that look different and exciting. This next tutorial I will be submitting is on how to draw tattoo art step by step. I drew this design live yesterday and I was having a blast talking with all my DragoArt buddies as I drew out the tattoo art design that I will be teaching you how to do today. The image is a combination of four things; a sword, a snake, a skull and some flames. I wanted to draw a sword with a snake coiled up the blade. But instead of having the same old design that has been seen everywhere, I wanted to turn things up a notch and…BAMM! Instead of a snake head, I drew the head of a skull. After the sketch was drawn out I added a few flames around the skull head and on the handle fo the sword. The best part about the sketch is the way I colored it in. Don’t get me wrong I think that the sword and the snake’s body came out fabulous, but I absolutely love the way the coloring turned out. I really did have a lot of fun drawing this tattoo art design out because it is a combination of three things that I love; snakes, swords and skulls. I know that everyone is going to love this tutorial because everyone loves skulls, snakes and swords as well. Combine them into one design and you have something that kicks azz. So what are you waiting for? It is time for me to go, and it is time for you guys to learn how to draw tattoo art step by step. I will be back later with more fabulous lessons for you all so keep the eyes open and the pencils steady in your hands.

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