How to Draw a Heart Skull

Artist: AnArmA / January 14, 2011

Step 1.

start wid an oval shape for the skull.. n we'll draw these squares to mark where our eyes n nose are going to be.

Step 2.

now, we'll draw out a basic skull shape around the oval we drew in d last step..

Step 3.

erase out d oval, n clean up ur drawing..

Step 4.

now, as i said before, we'll be mixing heart anywhere possible. so we are going to draw heart shaped eyes, and inverted heart shaped nose.. n draw out teeth also..

Step 5.

before moving any further, clean out ur drawing.. erase all the unnecessary lines...

Step 6.

now, dis part, i don't know, u gonna like it or not, but i put a ribbon on dis skull.. n ribbon ends, being heart shaped..

Step 7.

we'll give, eyes and nose some depth.. draw out lines from the outside points, curving inside..

Step 8.

now, for d last thing, i added some arrow headed bones.. i know i'm going nuts wid the modification of dis skull.. but if u don't like dese bones.. u can get off wid just d skull. n i made bottom side of bones kinda heart shaped..

Step 9.

just erase d unnecessary guidelines, n we're done wid it.. hope u enjoyed it.. waiting for ur outputs.. have fun drwaing it..

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Artist: AnArmA
Date Added: January 14, 2011
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Description: hey ya all... watz goin on.. lotsa sketchin huh.. we'll be doing a hearty skull today(u can draw it 4 ur bf/gf, who hs a taste for skulls.. a perfect valentine day's gift.. lolz.. just an idea..).. it's a complete month from valentine's day, i was planning to submit it around dat time.. but you can start drawing it from now on only.. ok.. jokes apart.. we'll be mixing the traditional skull components, and heart shapes. the final output, is upto you, how you present it with colors n all.. i did a quick coloring work.. as you can see.. will b waiting to see ur final outputs.. keep smilin n keep drawing.. n all questions are heartedly welcme.. ask ny problm u have in it or ny other drawings.. keep smilin. n keep drawing.. 'AnArma' OUT..