How to Draw a Black Heart, Black Heart

Artist: Dawn / November 7, 2011

Step 1.

The first step is as easy as it gets, draw a large wide open V.

Step 2.

Begin sketching or drawing out the heart using the guides you made in step one. As you can see the lining is crooked and a bit uneven.

Step 3.

Make a gash on the right top part of the head and then draw in some smaller tears like so.

Step 4.

Here you will draw in the cut, and then draw in the crosshatching stitching job like so.

Step 5.

Make another deep cut like so, and then draw in the stitches like you did in step four. Erase the lines and shapes that you made in step one.

Step 6.

This is the line art when you are all done. Color in the tattered looking heart any shade you like.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 7, 2011
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Description: Remember when I told ya’ll that I had another gruesome lesson that I had to upload the other day? Well, sorry I didn’t submit it when I said I would, but there has been a lot of work coming across my plate lately and I just want to make sure that I get everything done. Up next is what I said I was going to upload, a lesson on how to draw a gothic heart, step by step. I know that nobody really asked for this tutorial, but I was in a drawing mood to create some concept art that is cool and even colorful. I was going to call this tutorial a zombie heart, but after some time I realized that a title like that would make no sense. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this tutorial because it is going to be easy to tackle and finish even though it has cuts and stitches. Peace people and enjoy!