How to Draw a Tattoo Mouth, Tattoo Mouth

Artist: Dawn / December 27, 2011

Step 1.

Here is a very simple first step. All you have to do is make a heart shape on your canvas.

Step 2.

Next, draw in a full set of lips for your mouth and notice how they are plump, and friendly looks. Add some dimples on the corners of the mouth and move to step three.

Step 3.

You will now draw a simple looking arrow clean through the heart and make sure to include the piercing slice which is also spilling blood. Draw the arrow tip as well as some blood on the tip.

Step 4.

You will now draw the first wing which only has two layers of feathers. As you can see this wing style has the feathers arched inward to suggest it is closing in on the heart. Add some detailing and texture definition like so before leaving this step   

Step 5.

Finally, finish off this tattoo design by drawing the other half of the wings. Do this in the same style and manner as you did the first wing. When you are done you can start cleaning up your sketch to prepare it for some good old fashion color.

Step 6.

There you have it, a nicely drawn sketch on a tattoo mouth. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, be sure to join me again for more drawing fun.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 27, 2011
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Description: Up next is another tattoo design that I conjured up yesterday as I doodled on my tablet. Going through some of the tattoo art, I found that I didn't have anything based on a mouth or lips. So here is "how to draw a tattoo mouth", step by step. I've incorporated the mouth on a heart because I thought that this would make a nice contrast between the two objects. The wings give the heart a nice touch because as you know everyone loves hearts that have wings attached. The arrow is just a simple gesture to convey pain with a smile. Almost everyone at some point has experienced an unpleasant situation while keeping a smile on their face. I personally love how this concept drawing came out, and if you are one of those artists that love tattoo art no matter what form it comes in, you are sure to have a blast with drawing a tattoo mouth. This is going to be a very easy lesson to follow and replicate which is why I drew the mouth, heart and wings in this manner. The bold lineart is a great way to keep things simple and it also gives you a good idea on how to thicken things up when you are ready to ink in your drawing. Have fun folks and remember to let me, and others know what you think about this tattoo design by leaving a comment, rating or both. Peace out and enjoy!