How to Draw a Guitar Player

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Begin with a head and torso guide like you see here. You will then draw in the limb guidelines as well.


In this step we will draw the side profile of the head and the long, straight hair as it flies through the air from banging his head.


Next up, draw the shoulder, the outline for the arms and then draw in the back end of the electric guitar.


You will now draw the neck of the electric guitar like so, then draw in the tuning keys and then the small bumps for the hand.


Almost done folks. After this step there is only one more. This guitarist is in a jumping pose like he just jumped off the step from the stage where the drummer is. Draw the leg and foot like so, then proceed to step six.


Finally, draw the left leg as it is bent and then draw the shoe. Erase all the mistakes and guidelines.


This is the line art or silhouette when you are all done. Now you can have a blast as you color in your guitarist.

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March 14, 2015

Description: Let's have some fun with rock & roll by tackling this easy silhouette version of a guitar player. My sister plays guitar and she often makes music that is very soft and mellow, but I like rock, metal and even grunge music. This figure is a headbanger who also happens to be a guitarist who is rocking out as he plays his songs or cover songs from his favorite band. When you tackle this lesson all you will need to do is draw a figure from the side because it's just a silhouette of a rocker. Of course you can add whatever you would like maybe even a face and clothes. Whatever the case may be, drawing a guitar player will be fun and exciting just as the image shows.

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