How to Draw Adam and Eve

How to Draw Adam and Eve
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Let's start by drawing the guidelines and shapes for each person in this lesson. You will need to draw the head guides, torso and hip guides, then draw in the limb guidelines.


Here you will define the shapes of Adam and Eve's faces like so, then draw in the beginning parts of their hairline. For Adam you will need to draw in an ear and for Eve you have to sketch in the shape of her neck.


Continue to work on Adam and Eve. You will basically finish their hairstyles which will also form their head shapes. Eve has long flowing hair that is also thick and wavy. Draw in their simple faces and then proceed to step four.


Let's tackle the task of sketching out Adam and Eve's bodies. Start with Adam and just draw the outline of a body that is almost board shaped. For Eve, you will draw a smaller frame with an hourglass figure.


Next, draw in their shoulders, arms and hands, then draw in a hint of Eve's chest and her collar bones.


Lastly, you will sketch out Adam and Eve's feet, then sketch in the detailing to Adam's knees, pelvic area, and create his masculine chest. Draw in the fig leaves and you're done. Erase your mistakes and guidelines/shapes.


Before we see what the finished drawing looks like, you will need to draw in the giant apple tree that the man and woman known as Adam and Eve are standing next to. Draw in the branches, apples and the ground in as well.


Now, here is the line art. You can color in the drawing to finish it all off.

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April 15, 2015

I hope everyone sees this lesson as an education piece made for the biblical context of Adam and Eve. If you are a religious person and believe in the scriptures from the Bible, you should recognize the figure you see before you now. Today, I will take a chance to show you how to draw Adam and Eve, step by step. Now as you know the story goes; Adam was created by God and to bring companionship to Adam, he removed a rib bone from the man to create a woman and her name is Eve. The two were created without malice in their hearts, without sin, and without impurities. God told the two that they should never eat from the apple tree and if they did they would have a huge price to pay. Of course the female or Eve was lured to the apple tree where there was a serpent who pursued her to ear from the tree because if she did, a veil would be lifted from her eyes and she would see the world in a whole new light. Eve ate the apple and for the first time she saw herself naked. She covered up with fig leaves and visited Adam all covered up. Adam looked at her and said "why do you have such leaves over your body?". Eve replied "We are naked and should cover ourselves". Once Adam ate from the apple his eyes where also wide open and saw that he too was naked. They covered themselves up because they felt shame within themselves whereas before they knew no better because they walked around with pure innocence in their eyes. Anyways, I made this lesson because my little sister is reading about the Bible from the beginning to end. She asked me about Adam and Eve and I explained it in better detail to her. After our conversation was over, I thought I would draw for her two figures who are supposed to be Adam and Eve. I showed her the drawing so she could get an idea of what they looked like and she then understood with clarity. I hope you find this lesson educational as well as fun. Drawing Adam and Eve will be something that you don't see everyday. This would also make a good drawing to make for a project if you go to Sunday school. Adios people and have fun.

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