How to Draw a German Shepherd

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Okay I just wanna say that even though the finished colored drawing looks difficult to draw, it really isn't. The coloring and drawing of the German Shepherd are totally different and you can color, shade and detail the dog any way you want. First st   


The next thing you will need to start doing is sketching out the Shepherd facial definition. Start with the beginning lines for his pointed erect ears. Next sketch out the shape of his narrow face and go all the way around as seen here. You will next   


As you can see by the time you are finished with this step your German Shepherd will start looking more like the dog you are trying to draw. You will finish off the lining for the ears and sketch in the tongue and detail the mouth more as you can see   


Okay this will be your last step of sketching and drawing. You will detail the ears with another line that is slightly curved and then sketch in the pupils as well as shade them in. Draw in the nostril holes. Detail the face with some light sketch li   


This is your completed image and sketch. Your drawing should look like or resemble the one you see above. All you have left to do is shade, detail, of color him in if you like. That will end this fun tutorial on how to draw a German Shepherd dog step   

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July 18, 2008

Description: Hi everyone I’m back today with yet another tutorial for your drawing pleasure. Today I am going to show all you animal lovers "how to draw a German Shepherd". When I hear or think of this particular breed of dog, automatically I think of the dogs that assist police officers. German Shepherds are also known as the K-9 that is a part of the world's leading police, guard and military dog that helps most of your local Law Enforcement bureaus. But why this breed? Well for one these dogs are very intelligent and take to commands very well. They are also very brave, alert, and eager. Shepherds also have a very distinct personality and almost always come across as being a very fearless dog. The German Shepherd dog dates back to the very early 1900’s as well as the late 1800’s. The solid stature of this breed was kept by the efforts of Max Von Shephanitz. Now because of his efforts, he was credited with the dogs breed creation. Now that we have a brief history on the dog lets talk about the dogs appearance. Now typically the German Shepherd is a very large dog and they range in many weights and sizes. The average German Shepherd weights can weigh anywhere between seventy and one hundred pounds, but have also been weighed in at a whopping 140. Some may consider this to be a very obese dog at this weight, but if the muscle and bone structure is there, then this may very well be a healthy dog at that weight. German Shepherds range anywhere between 24-26 inches for the males and 22-24 inches for the females. They have a tanish brown coat with black markings on the snout, eyes, back, tail, and across the forehead. This is not the only color the breed comes in. Shepherds also can be found with an all white coat and an all black coat, but it is the typical brown and black shepherd are the preferred type for most owners and law enforcements such as the police and military. A good way to determine if the breed is of full bred lines is to look for white nails, a non black nose or muzzle and if the ears are not in there famous erect position. Did you know that a German Shepherd has a jaw strength of 250-1,200 pounds of pressure? All in all the German Shepherd is a very versatile breed that is not only for police and military, but for family homes as well. They make loyal and compassionate companions for anyone to own. But remember if you desire to own one of these large dogs, be sure you have plenty of room for them to run and play. This was a very fun, difficult, and long tutorial for me to draw. You can say that it took me a total of 10 hours because of the way I colored the dog in as finished art. The line art was simple it was just the coloring of the Shepherd that took forever. I colored the dog without lines to make it as real as possible. I hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to draw a German Shepherd dog step by step.

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