How to Draw a Frozen Heart

Artist: Dawn / October 30, 2015

Step 1.

Draw a heart shape like so, then proceed to step two.

Step 2.

Begin to draw in the heart's actual shape which is crooked lined.

Step 3.

Draw the different shaped blocks to form the ice sculpted shape for the frozen heart.

Step 4.

Lastly, draw the frozen drips of ice that line the bottom edge of the heart. Erase your mistakes and you're done.

Step 5.

Here is the line art. Color in your heart and you're done.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 30, 2015
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Tags: how to draw hearts
Description: This is an exciting concept piece that I think a lot of you folks will like. It's my own concept and the lesson is on how to draw a frozen heart. Winter is coming soon and we all know temperatures will drop dramatically and we will feel like we are frozen right to our core and that would be our hearts. Well, I guess that's it. I will meet you folks back here soon so stick around if you can.