How to Draw a Heart and Face

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Start with a simple head or face guide. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


Next, define the shape of the girl's face. Be sure to have well defined cheek bones and jaw structure. Draw in the brow lines as well.


Finish drawing the eyes by creating the lids and lid crease. When that is done you will draw the lashes. You can draw your eyelashes as long as you like. Make some tears and draw in her nose.


Draw the hairline which is some straight style bangs. The lining should be uneven and jagged. Next, draw in the mouth which are a set of thick/plump lips, Draw the liquid streaming from the mouth of her lip from the tears that are falling.


We will create the shape of the heart next, then draw in the blood that is bleeding down the front. Also add in one more tear stream.


For the last drawing step, draw in the shape of the head followed by the length of her hair. Erase your mistakes and guidelines.


Here is the finished lesson when you are done. All you have to do now is color her in.

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February 2, 2018

Description: Hello folks, I'm back and with my return I bring plenty of lessons that I think everyone will enjoy. I will begin by first showing you all how to draw a heart and face, step by step. This face ended up coming out so awesome. The face, heart, hair and all the coloring makes this design really pop and scream. I didn't just want to do a drawing on a regular face and an everyday looking heart. So here is my take on a face and heart Goth style. If you have been waiting for a lesson with this style concept, here it is now for you to learn how to draw. I shall be back so stay tuned in.

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