How to Draw a Flying Dragon

Artist: Dawn / June 22, 2009

Step 1.

Like with all my dragon tutorials, you will start this lesson on how to draw a dragon by drawing out some circles at first and then the guidelines. Make a circle for the dragon head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then make a line for th   

Step 2.

You will now start sketching out the shape of the dragon's head, snout, and mouth. Once that is complete you can start sketching out the shape, style and form of the long thick looking hair.

Step 3.

Continue sketching out the hair and or beard under the dragons chin as you see here and then start drawing the sharp teeth and the tongue. Once the mouth is complete you can start drawing out the front of the dragon's body starting with the chest.

Step 4.

You will focus on the rest of the dragon's body in this step. The first thing I want you to do is sketch out the lining of the wings and then begin your drawing for the arm shapes, leg shapes and then the front and back claws. Be sure to sketch some    

Step 5.

Finish off the shaping of the dragon wings and then draw the tips of the wings with single claw nails. Once that is done you can finish the shaping of the arms and hands. Sketch out the shape of the dragon tail and then add some stretch lines on the    

Step 6.

You will continue to sketch in detail and definition to the dragon's body as well as the wings. Draw out the dragon's wing arm and then the hind legs need to be drawn in as well. Add muscle definition and skin detailing. Remember dragons are reptiles   

Step 7.

This is your last drawing step and all you have to do now is sketch out the rest of the dragons limbs, feet, claws and add more detailing to the wings and tail. Erase all the guidelines that you drew in step one.

Step 8.

Step 8 Here is what your finished line art of your new dragon drawing. Once you have come to this stage you will start choosing your colors to shade in your newly drawn dragon in with. I hope you guys liked learning "how to draw a flying dragon" step   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 22, 2009
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Description: How about another dragon tutorial for you dragon lovers out there? I am stuck with this fascination to keep drawing dragons but I think that this will be the last dragon for a week or so, but don’t hold me to that statement because I really don’t know if I'll stop or not. I guess I have been wanting to get better with my dragons because I don’t draw them like I used to and because of that I'm loosing my touch (just a bit though). Anyway, I will be showing you “how to draw a dragon flying”, and the dragon that I will be giving you a lesson on today is purple. Whenever you learn from dragon tutorials you have to keep in mind that every artist has their own interpretation of what a dragon should look like. Therefore, dragons that are drawn by different people look different and carry different traits. The name of the beast that I will be giving you a lesson on is called the “flight dragon”. I named him this because he is a large dragon that is able to take flight despite his incredible size. Learning "how to draw dragons" is something that takes a lot of time, patience, and persistence. It took me a very long time before my dragon drawings started looking like real dragons. Even now I still have flaws with my designs and I am trying to improve my skills further. This tutorial will show you “how to draw a dragon flying ” step by step. I hope you enjoy this lesson, I will be back soon with more drawing fun so stay tuned in guys!