How to Draw a Simple Dragon Head

Artist: dragonlover / July 29, 2009

Step 1.

Draw a medium sized circle at the top corner at the screen for the main part of the head. Then draw a square for the mouth part, and draw a straight line or two for the neck.

Step 2.

You will first draw a line connecting with the circle and square. Then you will draw a sort of half triangle on the square. then another line connecting the mouth and the head on the bottom and a circle for the horns.

Step 3.

draw sort of a circle with a hook thing for the horn skeleton. Then draw a slightly straight line leading from the mouth to the head and the same with the bottom. draw to slightly curved lines for the neck and a mouth shape.

Step 4.

Draw the other side of the horn and the eye. draw the little details such as the nose, indents, and anything else you want.

Step 5.

Add the final touches to the outline (teeth, tongue, belly scales, ect.) and then color.

Step 6.


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Artist: dragonlover
Date Added: July 29, 2009
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Description: For this tutorial im going to show you how to draw a dragon. please tell me how i can improve this is my first one!