How to Draw a Feather for Kids


Okay, let's start with an oval. If you want a tall feather, you can make it longer, and if you want a fluffy feather, you can make it wider. It doesn't have to be perfect, but if you don't like the oval when it's done, just try, try again!


Draw a line down the miidle. Again, this doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to touch both the very bottom of the oval and the very top of the oval. If you want to make sure your line is straight, use a ruler.


Now draw a bunch of lines. Unlike the first two steps, this has a couple of rules. 1) Your lines must touch both the line and the oval. 2) They must make a "V" shape. Don't worry, it isn't hard, but this step is very important.


I between your lines, draw a couple of triangles. As long as the triangles aren't on top of any "V" lines, you'll be fine.


Now we'll make the base of the feather. All you have to do for now is draw two curved lines. After you do that, erase where your triangles meet the oval, like i did.


Now we finish the base with another curved line. Once that's done, lightly sketch in some lines that follow the same "V" pattern.


Alright! Now all that's left is to erase the line inside of the feather base, and then color! Great job! (*Claps*)

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March 20, 2012

Description: Well, i won't lie, this tutorial is nothing much. I suddenly had the urge to make kid tutorials, and i chose something super simple. I know that there's a regualr tut on how to draw feathers by dawn, but i just figured that it might be tricky for young artists. The entire tut took me no more than an hour to do with no references. I hope this helps new artists draw more complex pictures!

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