How to Draw an Easy Female Anime Eye

How to Draw an Easy Female Anime Eye
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To start off, we'll draw a reletively thick line. It should be wider in the middle than at the ends. On small-scale, it only requires a couple lines and maybe a mark to fill it in. on a larger scale, such as a portrait, you may need to put a little m   


This picture seems a bit confusing at first, but don't worry. The two light blue lines are guide lines. these should be very light, considering we'll be erasing them shortly after this step. In red is whatt we'll be sketching in. When finished, that    


Before starting this step, make sure your diagonal guide lines are completely erased. Once they are, draw an oval, but cut off the top as it touches the top line. In the end, this will be the iris, and I can't say that I've ever seen an anime eye of    


Well, here I go with another fairly confusing step. Im sorry, it's just that I couldn't figure out a better way to show it. The light blue dot represents the light source. When drawing an entire anime figure, the light source is very important when d   


Now we'll divide the iris from the pupil. For this we just need to draw a curved line parallel to the edges of your iris. I drew mine off to the right to show that the eye is looking in a certain direction, but you can do whatever you want. If there    


In this step we'll draw the eyelashes. They are basically three regular triangles with a trangle-like one off to the right. If you're drawing a younger anime girl, you might want to make these shorter.


This is about what a final project looks like. The pupil, edge of the iris, bottom line, and upper line are all a dark color. To get that shaded effect in the eye when drawing by hand, I usually shade the whole iris a light color ith the side of my p   

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March 9, 2012

The original for this was hand-drawn, but didn't go through. I thought it was a good tecnique for beginner anime drawers to have, so I redid it on Gimp. It took me a while to get down a good, easy styke, but I showed a few of my friends how to do it, and they instantly caught on and are currently practicing more complicated anime eyes. I hope This tutorial is helpful to all beginner anime artists, so please vote, comment, favorite and post the results! Good Luck!

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