How To Draw A Dragons Talons And Hands

Artist: Dawn / December 1, 2007

Step 1.

Start with a bell shaped cylinder. Make it slant towards the ground too. This is the lizard-like forehand.

Step 2.

Draw three simple circles. These are the stubby fingers of the forehand. Be sure to make the circles are flat at the bottom.

Step 3.

Trace over those circles and the base of the forehand. It will come out kind of like this. It’s starting to look real handy?

Step 4.

Draw some sharp talons and you’re done. These are the two basic hands.

Step 5.

Fill in some details and color your image. Doesn't it look pretty?! Have fun designing your own forehands. I hope this tutorial helped!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 1, 2007
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Description: Today at we will learn a simple way to draw the dragon’s talons and how to draw the incredible and complicating dragon hands/claws. Everyone knows how to draw a claw right? In these step by step instructions on this tutorial I will show you how. There are varieties of dragon hands…for now I’ll call them dragon paws. I mix them with a lizard’s, feline’s, birds, monkeys, and human’s paws/hands and feet. You can mix them up in a whole different of sorts. I usually mix mine up with lizards, birds and cats all together. A lizard’s paw is long, bony, and has sharp talons. The same thing goes for a bird except they have large and lumpy scales on their fingers and toes. A cat on the other hand has a paw that has paw-pads underneath and their fingers/toes are stuck together. They also have retractable and hidden talons/claws. I personally love to mix the cat and lizard combination. It makes the creature and dragon have more character. When you draw a dragon paw/foot try focusing on the angle or direction of the foot/paw. I always make a bent directional position of the paws. It takes me a while to proportion the right angles and size of the feet to be able to hold the dragon’s body up. I first sketched out this image on my Wacom tablet using the program Adobe Photoshop CS. It took me a while to draw so I made it as simple as possible. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!