How to Draw a Dragon Head

Artist: Dawn / August 7, 2010

Step 1.

There are countless styles and types to draw your dragon. Furry dragons symbolize peace, prosperity and intelligence. If you're familiar with the dragon from the movie "Eragon", you'll understand what I'm talking about. Saphira is also a blue color w   

Step 2.

"The ridges of the eyes are important to create a fierce looking dragon." The deeper the creases under the eyes, the more it looks to be an elder. Elders have a mysterious presence which is a great possibility for you to explore.

Step 3.

When you're viewing a dragon at a slight 3/4 pose, you should be able to see teeth in the background of the foreground teeth. This will cake on more realism.

Step 4.

Most dragons have a ridge around the nostril.

Step 5.

Onwards to the steps, artist. To begin this drawing, you must first shape up the guide work. It's important to have guidelines to enable you to draw accurately. Observe the image and draw what you see.

Step 6.

Start shaping up the snout and brow. I always start drawing this part of the dragon. Consider drawing from the circle and not the guideline that shapes the mouth.

Step 7.

Move on by drawing the arched eyebrow and the upper jaw. The sharp and jagged edges of the jaw will yield a scary and fierce looking creature. This doesn't apply to dragons who have different obstacles. You may have a beast that has a jagged jaw and    

Step 8.

Start implicating the horns inside the spouts. Never have horns that's fleshed with the skin, it will create an unreal and bitter effect. Add the cheekbone and tongue to get started on the teeth and cheekbone horns. Finish off the bottom jaw.

Step 9.

Start adding the gums and the inside lower jaw. By showing gums and teeth, it will create an illusion of a fierce dragon ready to strike. Get to sketching the neck and the cheekbone horns.

Step 10.

Finish off this step by adding teeth and details. It's important to have an underbelly for your dragon. They don't have the same color skin all around. Plating for the underbelly would suit this creature perfectly.

Step 11.

Here stands the line art before you. If your drawing doesn't result as a duplicate of this, then it's perfectly fine. It would be a great idea to take your time on drawing this majestic creature as it becomes time consuming. Start forming your own st   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I probably wouldn't have seen the day that I submit a full lesson on ”how to draw a dragon head”. This tutorial will show you the basics step by step on the tips to draw a dragon head. I'm not too good at drawing dragons, nor am I interested in these creatures anymore like I used to back in 2004-2007. I was utterly obsessed with these creatures and became fascinated amongst other great artists who drew interpretations of these remarkable beasts amazingly. I'm very proud on how this image turned out; with mixing blue and purple monochromatic hues and finishing it off with a red-ish purple background. I admit, the background could have been exciting and dragon-like but, I have other lessons to work on before the day ends. The drawing took around four hours to accomplish equipped with the inspiration of a song I've been listening constantly. If you've watched the “Chronicles of Riddick”, you'll find that the soundtrack is adventurous and exciting. Anywho, I will teach you the simplicity on what forms these mythical creatures. For now, there's a few tips that explain important parts of the dragon head you should familiarize yourself with. Drawing a dragon can be very difficult and it so has been for me. I will only teach you on what I know and what I observe from other art. These creatures come in many different styles and types that your mind will become lost on how huge the fantasy world is. Customizing a dragon is one of an artists favorite part about creating them. The colors also portray the personality and appearance of your mythical beast. Cool colors (blue, green, purple) will emphasize a dragon's dark – cold presence or, possibly a beast who is less fearsome. Warm colors are alarming and beautiful. They spark either 'warning' or a 'defense mechanism' against other beasts. Experiment and explore all the different possibilities you can add to your mythical beast. You'll be surprised on what you come up with. I recommend observing other dragon art and animals that can give you a good base idea for style or colors. Anywho, I really hope you'll enjoy this lesson on ”how to draw a dragon head step by step”. Thanks for viewing and don't forget feedback!