How to Draw Chibi Jack Skellington

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First, start off with the guide work. Like most of my tutorials, guide work is very important to creating an anatomically correct body. Start off by drawing a large circle for the base head and the wire frame for the body.


Begin by drawing the large circles for his eyes. Remember, the right eye is smaller then the left. Once completed, sketch in some nostrils.


This step is probably the easiest. Draw the outer frame of his head and then the stitched mouth. The stitched mouth should be drawn with patience so the stitches don't look weak.


Next, draw the shoulder garments. There are usually three tips that flower from each shoulder. These garments are attached by a cat-like bow. Once you've completed, move onto drawing the arms and hands.


Then, start drawing the tail that attaches to his butler-like clothing. Add in the eyes for his charm. Begin sketching out the legs and cuffs to give him something to stand on.


Lastly, finish off the pants, and add pinstripes. Drawing the pin stripes can be a time consuming process because of the ease on swerving the lines together. Begin drawing the pinstripes at the chest and then the legs.


This is the result your drawing should slightly resemble. It doesn't have to look exactly like the picture either. Keep practicing if you're unhappy on how your drawing of chibi Jack Skellington resulted. Have faith and courage into practicing everyd   

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August 8, 2010

Description: This tutorial was featured during the Live Lesson streaming on August 5th. Most people enjoy the “Nightmare Before Christmas” movie so I decided to do a cute and sweet tutorial on ”how to draw chibi Jack Skellington”. I'm not so sure on how many artworks are available for the chibi version of Jack Skellinton. Last time I seen one, it was a very short and stubby chibi with spaced apart eyes and a simple stitched mouth. If you seen it, you would love the way it was drawn. This character has got to be one of the simple and creative goth type characters that's grown popular worldwide. I really love the concept and how the look of him can be so simple and portray such a basic meaning, Halloween. You'll find that to ”draw chibi Jack Skellington”, will be much easier then his full counterpart. It should be easy to draw the head, face, and body because of the lack of details. Less details means the simpler. Be sure to engrave that into your mind in order to create simple artworks. Like most of my considerations, I would suggest drawing the head first to result in accurate anatomy. Once you've drawn this pose down packed, you'll be familiar on drawing him in a variety of poses. Usually, Jack has one eye that is large then the other. I know in this picture it may seem his right eye is much too small to match perspective of his left. It's the style that makes the eye that way. It also creates an essence of a friendly craziness! Of course, drawing chibis are much easier then drawing full detailed characters. Like I said before, chibis have a simpler form depending on what you customize it to be. Anyways, the Livestream for this drawing was a great lesson! Some of the audio was canceling out, upsetting everyone. I fixed the problem so that the future Live Lessons will be less laggy, more audio, and less annoying. I really hope that you'll find your way through on ”how to draw chibi Jack Skellington step by step”. This tutorial was a real treat to work on. I thank everyone who joined me the day this was sketched, inked, and colored. Have fun!

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