How to Draw Tiger and Dragon

Artist: Kilian / August 14, 2010

Step 1.

We begin with the head of the Tiger. Isn't very difficult- pay attention to mouth and teeth. The nose should be on a level with the eye and the ear.

Step 2.

We continue with the body. In this picture you don't draw the collective body so you could leave out the pads.

Step 3.

Now you add a circle next to the tail of the tiger. Next to the circle you begin with the dragon-body. There have to be some gaps for the head and the claws. You'll see it in Step 4.

Step 4.

Now you fill the gaps by drawing the claws on the body and draw the Yin-Yang symbol into the circle. After that you begin with the head of the dragon. How to draw it you'll see in Step 4.

Step 5.

This is the step about the dragon-head. The red lines are the lines which you already drew. You have to add the pencil-lines.

Step 6.

Now you change to the tiger. You simply draw the typical tiger-lines. You could draw them like you want.

Step 7.

You finish the picture with the completion of the Yin-Yang and the dragon-scales.

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Artist: Kilian
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Description: Hello Dragoart-artists :) My third tut is about dragon and tiger- a picture from the Asian culture. So I hope you'll enjoy drawing this image :)