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How To Draw A Dragon Dragon Battle

Artist: Dawn / December 1, 2007
How To Draw A Dragon Dragon Battle

Step 1.

Draw two circles. Then, draw two long curved lines coming from both of the circles. After, draw a huge oval for the dragon’s body. Then, sketch in two box shapes for the top dragon’s head. Don’t forget to draw another box shape for the other dr   

Step 2.

Sketch out lots more circles as the arms, hands, wing fingers and elbows. Reference: "how to draw a dragon": the head, "how to draw a dragon: the body", "how to draw a dragon: the wing")

Step 3.

Draw large masses of wing to make your dragon seem big. If you make the wing overlap some of his body, you will create excellent perspective. Draw muscular biceps and triceps for your dragon. This makes him seem real tough and dominate. Let’s begin   

Step 4.

We will now continue to sketch out the dragon being attacked. Don’t you want to fill in that empty space between his hands? Sketch the neck of the second dragon. Also finish off the fingers of the predator dragon.

Step 5.

Finish the hair detail, wing membrane and the dragon’s perspective features.

Step 6.

Fill in some details (claws, skin pattern, and stretch lines.)

Step 7.

Guess what! We’re done! See how he looks so powerfully brutal?! The last thing to do would be color your dragon, it would make your dragon seem unique. I hope you have fun learning "how to draw dragons fighting step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 1, 2007
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Tags: dragon drawing tutorial, dragon drawing
Description: Have you ever wondered what a dragon battle might have looked liked up close? I have, and because I’m such a dragon nut all I do is sit and think of new ideas for dragon themes and what I think people would find cool when they look at my online dragon drawings. This sketch here called Dragon Battle is about two dragons fighting over a kingdom ruled by a great king in a far off land called Klandor. There is many villages in this kingdom that is protected by the one true dragon guardian Drogor. He has been a loyal assistant to the great king Randlork. The problem is a rouge dragon has taken a liken to the village people and their farm animals. Adults and children have gone missing over a period of time before anyone knew it was indeed another dragon from the outside. No one knows what type of clan he comes from but they do know he must be stopped. Drogor is sent out to hunt for him, then one evening as he was coming back from his search, he can see the rouge waiting to pounce on cattle in the field. Drogor let out a terrifying cry to send a message of warning to this beast, when instead of fleeing he chose to fight. This sketch is showing you the battle that took place that warm night in the Kingdom of Klandor. I show you "how to draw dragons fighting step by step" with instructions. I hope you had a good time reading my tale that I will soon finish to you all in the near future.