How to Draw a Demon Scene


We begin like always. Some guidelines and shapes to form the framed figures of the demon and the girl.


Slowly start sketching out the demon's face. This is not going to be an easy task so take your time because patience is key with this lesson. Start at the top of the head and work your way down to the mouth and jaw structure. Once completed, go ahead   


Complete the shape of the head and face then draw in the other elements to this demons makeup. Add detailing where needed as shown to you here.


All you have to do here is sketch in the definition to the tail part of the demons head. Again, take your time so your drawing comes out defined.


Go ahead and add another stiff horn like frill that is curled in the same manner as the first one you just finished detailing.


Now we will start drawing the demon's body in the form of the arm and thigh. Notice the amount of definition and detail in the arm as well as the thigh. You will need to add some shading and definition to this part of the body. As you can see, this i   


Go ahead and finish the leg by drawing the calf and foot. You will also add a demonic hand to the arm you just worked so hard on. The hands and foot are also parts of the body that hold a lot of definition as well.


We will now start to draw out the other leg and foot. This time, you won't spend too much time on the second leg because it is off in the distance.


Here is where the fun really starts. Start at the back of the head and begin drawing the back and back bones of the demon's body. Notice how the size of the bones tapper off the further it goes down the back. When the back is all drawn out, you can s   


Here draw the other arm and hand. You will need to define and detail that arm as well as the hand. Once that is complete you can draw a slithering tongue. Don't forget the apple in the palm of the demon's hand as well.


Work on the wings further. Sketch in all the tissue to make the wings look like skin. Add rips and tears to make the wings look weathered. This is a very old demon who has been possessing people for a very long time.


Now we will work on the long tail that forms into a nice arrowhead style tip. The point should be very sharp. Sketch in the definition on the tail especially behind the leg.


Some last minute additions to this demons body before we get started with the girl. Add the elbow curve to the other wing like you see here.


Now for the girl. Start by drawing her long, straight hair. This will also form the shape of her head.


Then you can draw the profile of her face and the rest of her body. Be sure to draw her hand reaching out to grab the apple and her one foot tiptoed on the tip of the tail. Draw in her flowing dress or nightgown, then erase the mistakes and guides.


And there you have it. A beautiful drawing that you can color in. I would recommend using brush pens if you drew this piece on paper.

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November 12, 2020

Description: This is by far one of my best and favorite demon drawings that I have ever done. I love this so much, that it took me a while just to upload it. I think the coloring came out superb and the metaphors within the drawing can mean so much to different people, but in my mind it means something else. I am the creator of this art piece and a lot of my being went into the drawing. Every once in a while I get the urge to do something that I don't do on an everyday basis so, with all the Christmas tuts aside, I do hope you enjoy tackling this piece on how to draw a Demon Scene.

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