How to Draw Eevee, Eevee from Pokemon


Okay, so we start out with a large circle for the head and a rounded triangle for his fluffy collar. Also draw a hint of a circle body.


Fill in the collar, draw in the guidelines for his face, and his nose and mouth. Also draw his eyes.


Fill in the eyes. Large eyeshines in each eye give him a cute look.


Now draw in his ears. This was tough for me so you might want to take your time.


Draw his cute stubby legs and a Hershey's kiss-shaped tail.


Draw in the white tip of Eevee's tail and erase all marks you don't want. You're done! Yay! I hope you enjoyed this tut cause I did. Also if this is the first tut of mine you've checked out, check out my others :P Bye!

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June 26, 2014

Description: This was requested by my friend and supporter lilyvulpes. Eevee is one of my favorite Pokémon, since he's so cute and has so many cool evolution options. I hope I did him justice. His eyes and ears were tough for me, but I think I turned out well. So I hope you enjoy this!

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