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How to draw a Cute Chibi Racoon

Artist: Hurry_up7 / April 20, 2012
How to draw a Cute Chibi Racoon

Step 1.

Draw the simple guides with the usual circle and and cross. for the body do an oval shape and a long sausage to mark where the tails is.

Step 2.

Draw the furry little head and ears, along with large eyes and small nose

Step 3.

Now do the markings around the eyes and draw the furry body down to the place where the tail is to be.

Step 4.

Draw the tail curling around the body by sketching little lines to express the fluffiness.

Step 5.

Next, add rings to the tail and put little lines in differing positions all over the raccoon to make it look fluffy

Step 6.

Erase your guidelines,...

Step 7.

...Colour and sign to finish your cuddly raccoon!

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