How to draw chibi Louis Tomlinson from 1D

Artist: Kittycat54 / August 31, 2012

Step 1.

First draw a round circle for Louis's head.

Step 2.

draw a line going acroos his head. this will be used for a guide for his hair in the next step.

Step 3.

After you drawn the line. On the circle where the line is. Erase the top and draw little spikes for his hair.

Step 4.

On the bottom erase a little bit of the line and leave some space. this will be for you to draw his neck and shoulders.

Step 5.

Now draw the neck and shoulders. Don't draw the arms yet that will be drawn later.

Step 6.

Now where the shoulders are. turn them into sleeves and draw a little bit of the shirt.

Step 7.

Now draw the line to make the shirt.

Step 8.

Now draw the pants. Make sure to put a line in betwween so it dosen't look like a skirt.

Step 9.

Now draw the lines on his shirt. It dosen't matter how many lines are on his shirt. Also draw his arms.

Step 10.

Now draw his shoes. make sure there the same size.

Step 11.

Now add his eyes, mouth, and eyebrows.

Step 12.

Now just color him! You have just drawn Chibi louis Tomlinson from 1D.

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Artist: Kittycat54
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Description: Fro all my fellow directioners out there! Here's my second tut on "How to draw chibi Louis Tomlinson form One Direction"