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How to draw a White Puffle

Artist: Hurry_up7 / April 16, 2012
How to draw a White Puffle

Step 1.

Firstly, we draw simple guides to help position the features of our puffle

Step 2.

Next, do the fluffy hair on the puffles head. Then move on.

Step 3.

Now draw the cute body, that also serves purpose as a head.

Step 4.

If you drew it well, the cross guides should still center where the face should be. If you did, this step will be easy. along the horizontal guide draw an extra guide to help make the two eyes equal in size. it should take up a good lot of the space    

Step 5.

Using the guides drawn the in the previous step, draw the large eyes.

Step 6.

Now do the mouth with some icy breath coming from it.

Step 7.

This breath has turned the puffle O into an ice cube. Draw the puffle o and the ice surounding it

Step 8.

Say bye bye to the guide lines :D and hi hi to your new puffle!

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Artist: Hurry_up7
Date Added: April 16, 2012
Steps: 8
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Description: A cute little white puffle from club penguin!!! Interesting fact:White puffles are slightly smaller than the other puffles.