How to draw a cute cat


Okay, lets start with the basic stucture of the cute cat.


Then,erase the lines inside the ovel and start drawing the ears and the little fur sticking out of the cats cheeks.


Afterwords, start drawing the mouth as showen in this picture.Then, start drawing circles inside the ovel as showen here.


Finish drawing the eyes as showen here.Since this is going to be a cute cat, you want to draw circles inside the cats pupiel as showen here.


Now start drawing the body.Make sure you draw little fur sticking out of the cats chest.Dont draw the whole body.Draw the body as showen in the picture.


Now you can finish the body.Finish the tail too.


After, you can add color.Draw a colar on the cute cats neck.If you want to, add a heart behind the cat.And you're done!!;)

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November 24, 2014

Description: Hello fellow drawer! If your a cat lover, youll enjoy my first tutorial.I'll start drawing from now on.If you want me to draw something espisifec, comment at the bottom.Enjoy my tutorial.

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