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how to draw a cute cat

Artist: wolfgirl554 / August 5, 2013
how to draw a cute cat

Step 1.

start with a simple circle for the head.add lines going down the middle and across the circle as shown making a plus sign.

Step 2.

add triangle shaped ears at the top of the head.then add an upsidown triangle for the nose.

Step 3.

now you can add eyes and a mouth as shown(eyes can be an optional shape to however you like)

Step 4.

now you can erase your lines sense you won't need them anymore.after you have done that,you can color in the eyes and add whiskers(eye color is optional)then u can have fun coloring your cat!

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Artist: wolfgirl554
Date Added: August 5, 2013
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Tags: draw cats
Description: today you will learn how to draw this easy step by step cat.enjoy!