How to Draw Doctor Cat, Doctor Cat

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Begin by making a circle for the head and then add the face guide. Draw the odd shape for the body like so, and move to step two.


Thicken the shape for the head and then just draw in some ears and a small circle for the magnifier.


Okay, we will be doing a few things in this step. The first thing we need to do is draw the small triangles in each ear, then make a really small circle for the center of the magnifier. Once that is done you can draw the band that is connected to the   


Using the body frame we drew in step one, draw out the actual body of the cat and this should include the legs and tail. As you can see the legs are stubby, and the top of the tail has some ruffled bumps.


Draw the opening for the doctor's jacket, and then draw the folded collar, some buttons, and then some sleeves, and toes. Erase the mistake and guides that you drew along the way before leaving this step.


Here is how your Doctor Cat should look when you are all done. Color him in and off you go!

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December 12, 2011

Description: I don’t know why, but I actually went ahead and filled a request on a figure that has been flooding my mailbox by different people. Today I will finally teach you guys "how to draw Doctor Cat", step by step. Now I have no idea who or what Doctor Cat is, but I think it’s some sort of character from a web comic strip. It is a popular cat figure that wears a magnifier above the brow, and it also wears a powder pink colored doctor’s jacket. The white kitty has a light shade of pink added to the cheeks and inside of the ears. I personally know why a character that has the looks of Doctor Cat would be so envied, its because the figure is so darn cute. Anyways, I hope you enjoy drawing Doctor Cat, I shall return like always so stay tuned in. Peace out people, and remember to eat that apple a day to keep the doctor away.

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