How to draw a Chibi Boy

Artist: Pencil_Guy / October 5, 2012

Step 1.

First we build some kind of skeleton we will build our chibi guy on. Such constructs are a great help when drawing different poses of people. I can only recommend them! ^^

Step 2.

Now, after the skeleton is set up we'll give him a cap! That should be quite easy!

Step 3.

Now we add the shape of the face and the sunglasses!

Step 4.

Add his further facial features: mouth, nose and the ear. Then add the hair coming out from right under the cap!

Step 5.

Now the upper part of the body, this part is a little harder because of the pose his arms have. When you're finished, add his belt.

Step 6.

Now there's only one thing to add. ... Right! His legs: We draw his trousers and his shoes. Don't forget adding details like the holes in the belt or the little pockets of his pants! ^^

Step 7.

The only thing left to do is erasing the guidelines we did in the beginning! Now your chibi boy picture is done!

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Artist: Pencil_Guy
Date Added: October 5, 2012
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Description: Again I tried out my skills in digital art by doing a tutorial. This one will be on "How to draw a Chibi Boy". I hope you guys like it! ^^